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Searching for a family oriented Whitetail Deer Hunt with choices and options just got easier so, come check out the hunting packages we offer here at North Texas Game Hunts. The deer in the North-East Texas Panhandle are thriving, doing weel and have been improving year by year due to the benifits of a year round game management and supplement program. Our management program provides valuable protein, minerals and vitamins that deer need to thrive and make it through tough environmental conditions and it induces healthier and higher quality Bucks and Doe's year after year. Our goal is not to alter the course of mother nature but rather to aid and assist deer into becoming the best that they can be through natural pregression. The end result is a steady back to back generation of multiple fawn producing doe's that can carry their fawns to maturity and higher quality bucks that just keep getting bigger, wider and taller every year. The snap shot in the above corner is a 2-year-old 8 point buck in front of a trail camera at night during a full moon.

Our Hunting Packages are (All Inclusive) and consist of a free youth hunt, guide services, game processing, heated blinds, hotel accommodations and a non-hunting guest may join you on your hunt free of charge. There are no harvest or trophy fee's (ever) and you will have exclusive access to a variety of properties totaling over 2500 acres that contain some of the best hunting in north Texas. Our properties are located near Allison and Briscoe, TX in the northeast corner of the Texas panhandle which has some of the largest and highest concentrations of Whitetail Deer in the state of Texas, averaging 25 to 30 deer or more per square mile. We can accommodate a single hunter or comfortably seat 6 to 8 members of a group and, you will not encounter or receive any pressure from other hunters when you're hunting with NorthTexasGameHunts.

Our Hunts
are Open Range Fair Chase with bucks that average from a typical 145 up to 170 class and larger bucks that will simply exceed your expectation. We have a good genetic pool that's producing an array of both typical and non typical bucks roaming about with doe's that regularly give birth to twins and even triplets. Deer in our area have a wide assortment of native and agricultural forage to meet their year round nutritional requirements for healthy antler developement and beefy bodies.

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Deer Transition
the terrain, food plots and feeders all day long and during the November and December rut cycles the activity can be intense and darn right wild. When the deer won't corporate we will exhaust all our knowledge and efforts to position you in the best possible location to make a connection. Keep in mind that mother nature can generate some tough weather during a hunt - but some mighty nice bucks have been harvested in the middle of a blinding snow storm. Some clients have connected with in a few hours of arrival and others generally by the 2nd or 3rd day of a hunt.

Our Properties are equipped with a combination of 5x7 Heated Hard Blinds, Soft Blinds, Barricade and Hay Bail Blinds which, are very effective. Blinds are positioned at key high ground advantage points overlooking valleys, tree lines, travel paths, creek bottoms, food plots and feeders. You also have the ability to camo up and blend into the surroundings to ambush your quarry which again, is very effective. We employ High Protein Corn Supplement Feeders, Mineral Digs and a variety of food plots that can consist of cultivated Wheat, Milo, Specialty Oats, Wild Rye, Sweet Clover and other winter time forges.

The Terrain Consist of Tree Lined Shelter Belts, Rolling Hills and Valleys, Sharp Draws and Creek Valleys covered in Tall Native Grasses, Hardwood, Cedar, Plum and Shin Oak Thickets that host a number of feeding, breeding and bedding areas that whitetail deer thrive in.

We ProvideGuide service with daily updates on deer movement so that you have first hand knowledge in the field for the highest degree of success and unlike the typical guided deer hunt, there will not be anyone standing over your shoulder indicating which deer you can or can not harvest. ( You simply hunt with in the guidlines of the hunt package you have booked ). Once you receive your daily update, we retreat into the background and allow you to enjoy your hunt with family or friends until you need our direct services and support.

We Treatrveryone with unconditional respect and rely heavily on a hunter's honesty and code of ethics to help create a safe and memorable hunting experience. With over 40 years of combined hunting experience, we can tailor our service to meet the on site needs of each client or group - in all weather conditions.

The Challenge and Thrill of a Hunt Creates Memories !

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